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At Kvdcars we can help you sell or purchase a used Volvo XC60. At our online auctions last year we sold over 28,000 vehicles of which several were Volvo XC60. To make it simple and easy to sell your Volvo XC60 is something we at Kvdcars know how to do. If you're thinking of selling your Volvo XC60 on your own, you're in for a lot of time-consuming effort that we can take care of for you! Do you really want to wash and clean your Volvo XC60 both inside and out, have the time to demonstrate your car for potential buyers and take care of all the advertising? Wouldn't you rather let Kvdcars handle the entire sales process including the paperwork? Let Kvdcars do all the work for you. We will conduct an extensive and reliable inspection, deliver your cars to its new owner and you won't have to wait to receive your payment safely and quickly.

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One of Volvo's most elegant and successful SUV models is the XC60. Somewhat smaller than the XC90 but just as great to drive, the XC60 has been prized for its elegant design ever since it was first introduced in 2008. In fact, the first version of the XC60 has been one of Volvo's top selling models in the premium SUV class in Europe and has stood for 1/3 of Volvo's total sales. Thanks to its enormous popularity, there are many XC60 models for sale in the used-car market. With the second-generation XC60 introduced in 2017, Volvo has improved on its already very successful model by adding even smarter technology and a higher level of safety features. Since sales of the XC60 have been so extensive, expectations have been high surrounding the latest generation of the Volvo XC60. With many different engine choices and just like the XC90, buyers can choose the popular and smart 407 Horsepower T8 engine which combines the power of a sports car with the sustainable emission levels of a city car. Engine efficiency is provided by a powertrain with both a gasoline-driven engine for extra power when you need it and an electric motor for driving at low speeds in urban traffic. Currently, the XC60 is manufactured in a Classic series including the Classic Kinetic, Classic Momentum, Classic Summum and the Classic R-Design. This series can be compared to amongst others the Audi Q5 and BMW X3.