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At Kvdcars, we believe that a car trade should feel good – and be good – whether you are buying or selling a vehicle. For us, it’s obvious that both the seller and the buyer do a secure and smooth car trade.
Cars are the best we know. Over the years, we have sold more than 200,000 cars and all of them have undergone our independent vehicle test, where we test the car on over 170 points. We report the result of the test openly and then allow the market to set the price of the car through bidding.

If you need help on your way, do not hesitate to contact us. We are a big team that is here for you.
This is our recipe for a successful and good car trade.
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  • "Selling your car can be a stressful moment. With Kvdcars I did not experience that"

    Max from Gothenburg

  • ”It felt easy and smooth! I would not hesitate to sell a car through Kvdcars again.”

    Sara from Gothenburg

  • "For me, it was important to feel safe about buying a car. And I thought the vechicle test of the car was reliable. "

    Démie from Stockholm

  • “Your car is given a fair assessment. That makes me feel content.”

    Mats from Stockholm

Kvdcars Certified - a more secure car purchase
We’re making it easier for you to buy a good and secure car. Kvdcars Certified will help you find a car that runs problem-free - from your first trip.
Lease from only 12 months
You now have the opportunity to lease a used car. We have carefully selected cars that are in good condition and you choose the leasing period and mileage. Think again, lease used. We call it Releasing.

Car auctions - buy your next car at is Sweden's biggest marketplace for used cars. Every year, we sell more than 26,000 cars, in hundreds of models and from more than 60 car brands. With us, you can find the car that suits your needs!

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Sell a company car through

Do you have a company car you want to sell? We offer our services to private indivuduals as well as companies. Contact us to know more!

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