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You are in the driver's seat

How we sell your car

To sell the car should be easy and safe. You choose how you want to sell and we take care of the entire sale for you!

You choose the selling method

You can either choose that Kvdcars buys your car and you get paid directly or that we sell it for you. The buyer can then choose to participate in the bidding or pay a fixed price for the car. You choose the minimum selling price, we call it the reserve price. Which selling method suits you the best?

  • A quick deal

  • Money transferred within three days

  • You sell the car to us

Bidding & fixed price

  • Always market price

  • Marketed in Sweden and Europe

  • We do all the work for you

A notice of interest is not binding

A notice of interest to sell your car with us is free of charge and not binding. We give you an estimated sales price based on statistics from our annual 26,000 sales and data-driven valuations from our sister company Bilpriser. The more information you provide about your car, the more accurate valuation and estimated selling price you get.

We take care of the whole sales process

Before a car is put up for sale, it is tested and the documentation forms the basis for the car's description at kvdcars.com. In this way, the future buyer knows the actual condition of the car and does not have to take into account unforeseen expenses. It also benefits you as a seller – because the buyer is then willing to pay more for the car.

When we receive the car, we test it, clean it, wash it and take photos before we publish it at kvdcars.com. In addition to our own channels, we also market the car at Google, via various buying and selling sites and social media. All so that you get paid as well as possible. After the bidding is completed or someone has bought the car at a fixed price, we contact the buyer, arrange the change of ownership and make sure that you get paid.

What does a sale cost?

When the car is sold, we charge a commission and this depends on your selling price. The commission, which is a minimum of SEK 10,000 for private individuals, includes washing, testing, valuation, marketing, sales and handling of any complaints.

If you choose to sell the car directly to us, we do not charge any commission.

Our Sales commissions

Commission costs for private individuals selling a passenger car or a light truck:

If the car is sold forCommission cost
SEK 0 - 99 999SEK 10 000
SEK 100 000 – 199 999SEK 12 000
SEK 200 000 – 299 999SEK 14 000
SEK 300 000 – 399 999SEK 17 500
SEK 400 000 – 499 999SEK 21 000
SEK 500 000 – 599 999SEK 25 000
SEK 600 000 – 799 999SEK 31 500
SEK 800 000 – 999 999SEK 37 500
SEK 1 000 000 or moreQuoted

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