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The KVD-test

Tested by priofessionals

How we test the cars

Buying a car from us at Kvdcars is just as safe as buying a new one. All cars have of course undergone our KVD test – a standardised vehicle test performed by our professional technicians. The car is tested at more than 170 points and also test-driven during the test.

Our business concept ensures that the person buying a used car does not have to prepare for unforeseen costs but rather knows the actual condition of the car when buying it. We see to it that both seller and buyer get a good car deal and we neither embellish nor undersell the car in its presentation and advertisement.

We test 170 different points

During the vehicle test, the car is tested on 170 points. These are divided into the following five categories:

  • Engine and gearbox

  • Brakes

  • Technology and equipment

  • Body

  • Interior

If there is a remark, this is presented under “See comment”, with text and sometimes an image. In this way, you as the buyer can decide if you think it is something to consider before bidding.

Tread depth is measures and noted

Within the context of the KVD test, the tread depth of the car’s tyres and any extra seasonal tyres is also measured. The tread depth of each tyre is indicated in the car’s presentation in millimetres with red, yellow and green highlighting. Red highlighting means that the tyres need to be changed immediately, yellow highlighting means that the tyres must be changed within the near future and green highlighting means that the tread depth is sufficient for the time being.

For summer tyres the legal requirement is for the car to have at least 1.6 millimetres tread depth, but a minimum of 3 mm is recommended for a wet road surface. For winter tyres, the law stipulates a minimum tread depth of 3 millimetres.

New summer tyres have about 7-8 millimetres tread depth and new winter tyres have a tread depth on about 9-10 millimetres.

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