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Used Peugeot – Buy via auction or by fixed price

Looking for your next car? At Kvdcars we make it easy for you. We sell 26 000 cars per year and last year more than 800 of these were Peugeots. This means you will have no trouble finding just the right Peugeot you're looking for. If you would like to sell your Peugeot, we will do it for you. No problem! Anyone who buys a used car wants to make sure there are no "hidden" defects. When we at Kvdcars show your car to potential buyers we have first thoroughly inspected its condition and can provide reliable information, so they know what they are bidding on at our auctions. We also take care of all advertising, handle the entire sales process including washing and cleaning your car inside and out, transfer of ownership, delivering your car to its new owner and finally seeing to it you are paid quickly and safely.

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