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How to export vehicles through Kvdcars

Are you looking to export a vehicle you have purchased via Kvdcars? Here we have summarized the key information about export regulations.

We assist with managing the export, but you need to be aware of specific export rules that you must adhere to. We also refer to our terms for a more detailed understanding of the export requirements.

Which vehicles can be exported?

Many vehicles listed for export qat kvdcars.com are exportable. Whether a vehicle can be exported or not is indicated in the vehicle description.

In our "Other" filter, you can select "Can be exported" to only view vehicles that are exportable.

Deregistration, payment, transport, and pickup

When a vehicle is purchased by an export buyer via Kvdcars, it is deregistered in Sweden. We also remove existing license plates, and you will need to arrange transportation for picking up the vehicle. As a buyer, it's easiest to choose a transport company to pick up and transport the vehicle to the desired country. You can also opt to pick up the vehicle and transport it yourself.

Payment and pickup

When exporting a vehicle purchased at kvdcars.com, pickup must occur within ten (10) working days after the bidding has ended or an agreement on a fixed price sale is reached. Afterwards, a storage fee may be charged, according to our terms.

Export documents upon deregistration

As the buyer, you are responsible for providing export documents such as the CMR document or registration certificate. Costs for customs declarations and duties are not included in any part of our export service and must be arranged by the buyer independently.

Kvdcars does not export vehicles to Russia or Belarus

Due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Kvdcars does not export vehicles to Russia or Belarus. Kvdcars prohibits exports to any countries covered by applicable international economic sanctions laws, regulations, trade embargoes, or similar restrictive measures. See our terms for more information.

Price list for administration of export

The prices includes VAT and applies to exports within and outside the EU. The exact price for you depends on the vehicle's size and the country you wish to export to. Costs for customs declarations and duties are not included in Kvdcars' export service and are arranged by the buyer independently.

Price list

Export feefrom SEK 2795 (incl. VAT)
CoC Document (EC Certificate of Conformity)from SEK 625 (incl. VAT)
Transport within EUQuoted Contact the export department at +4610-167 30 35 or export@kvdbil.se for a quote.

When you choose to pick up the vehicle yourself, or with a transport company without a forwarding agent's guarantee, you need to pay a deposit. Deposit – refunded when export documentation is received by Kvdcars.

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If you have questions about how to export, temporary registration, or anything else, you are welcome to contact our export department at +4610-167 30 35 or .