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About Kvdcars

Kvdcars is a leading innovator within the online trading of used cars, light trucks and heavy trucks, heavy machinery and recreational vehicles. We strive to make the vehicle transaction as simple as possible - regardless if your are selling or buying through us.

Kvd.se is one of Sweden's biggest marketplace for used vehicle with 26,000 cars, heavy machinery and vehicles being sold per year. Our customers, whether private individuals, companies or governmental agencies, both buy and sell cars through us.

We test, value, photograph and write a description for all cars before they are put up for sale via auction or for a fixed price at Kvd.se. For heavy machinery and vehicles, we also offer on-site sales to facilitate sales. The KVD group also includes Sweden's leading car valuation company, Bilpriser with its valuation website bilpriser.se.

At Kvdcars, we take care of all aspects of the transaction when you sell your vehicle. You avoid all the work and receive the money in your account. And for our buying customers, we help with all the paperwork and offer affordable car loans, warranties and insurances. The entire buying and selling process is completely transparent; both parties can follow the bidding in real time and see immediately when a new bid is submitted. In this way, we at Kvdcars make the selling process simple, risk-free and profitable for our customers.

Our history

KVD was founded in 1991 as Kvarndammen with four employees. Today, more than 180 people work at KVD and we negotiate the sale of 26,000 cars.

  • 1991: KVD was founded under the name Kvarndammen by four consultants whose business concept was, in a society in financial crisis, to help finance companies and banks to sell off existing leased vehicles and to take care of repossessions, valuations and sales of bankrupt estates. At this time the business was focused on Western Sweden.

  • 1994: The business is expanding and now companies and governmental agencies across the country are being offered these services. Public auctions are held every week in premises in Kungälv.

  • Late 1990s: Increasing numbers of cars are sold by auction and a website is created where lists of auction cars are published.

  • 2000: It is now possible for potential customers to place advance bids online ahead of the auctions.

  • 2007: All objects sold through KVD are now sold via online auctions and 60 per cent of the company is bought up by the Sixth AP Fund. More facilities for the receipt and delivery of vehicles are opened all over Sweden and kvd.se now has close to 200,000 unique visitors every week.

  • 2010: KVD is bought by the private equity company Ratos. An increasing number of vehicles are exported and the website kvdauctions.com is launched, targeting customers outside of Sweden.

  • 2017 and onward: KVD changes name to Kvdcars.

  • 2018: Smart 365 Software AB becomes a part of the KVD Group. However, the company was formed four years earlier with the core idea of creating revolutionary conditions for administrative work within the automotive industry, such as purchasing, sales, ownership changes, and advertising. Smart 365 operates as its own company but has close cooperation with other group companies.

  • 2020: Kvdcars launches its new sustainability strategy aimed at promoting a sustainable society by creating a sustainable company with sustainable employees. This means, among other things, that the company will actively work to continuously reduce its climate impact by having a sustainable business model that contributes to reduced carbon emissions and promotes an efficient and circular economy. Kvdcars will also actively work to create sustainable employees - i.e., those who take responsibility for their own and society's well-being by making wise choices that help reduce climate impact.

  • 2021: The KVD Group acquires Forsbergs, the largest motorhome and caravan dealer in the Nordic countries.

  • 2023: The sister company Kvdpro, which sells heavy machinery and vehicles, becomes a part of Kvdcars. From now on, a broader expertise and range of vehicles are gathered under one roof at kvdcars.com: cars, light trucks, machinery, heavy vehicles, and recreational vehicles.

Our environmental impact

KVD’s business concept involves efficiently negotiating the sale of used vehicles for the benefit of both customers and sellers. More efficient resource use is a prerequisite for achieving the goal of a more sustainable society, a goal that Kvdcars pursues and helps to attain.

Buying a used car through Kvdcars is as secure as buying a new car. All cars are test-driven and subject to objective inspection. Documentation of the test results are included in the car’s advertisement during the sale, so that the customer is aware of the car’s actual condition. However, Kvdcars’ testing and reconditioning have an impact on the environment in the form of carbon dioxide emissions during a test drive of around 10 km, and the reconditioning entails water consumption and a risk of soil contamination.

We at Kvdbil have a goal where we reduce our environmental impact by 20% by 2020, from the 2016 level of total gross emissions of greenhouse gases. The goal is measured based on the number of tonnes of greenhouse gases per employee, per square meter area and per car tested. The KVD Group's total gross emissions of greenhouse gases in 2018 amounted to 264 tonnes of Co2e. This corresponds to 1.43 tonnes of CO2e per full-time employee, 0.0285 tons of CO2e per square meter and 0.010 tonnes of CO2e per tested car.

In order to reduce our environmental impact in accordance with our goal, we have since 2016 taken the following actions:

  • At the end of 2016, a facility was closed due to a lacking work environment and risks regarding future development of the property. A decision that reduces our environmental impact, as this facility was heated with natural gas.

  • Since 2017, our environmental reporting relates not only to our own facilities, but also to emissions from water consumption in connection with reconditioning and the execution of vehicle tests at our partners. This gives us a more realistic picture of our actual environmental impact, and a better opportunity to work with environmental improvements at all stages of our business.

  • During 2018, we have for instance started installing charging points for electric cars, replaced lighting for LED lighting, and only using eco-labeled material when washing and cleaning cars.

The mapping of Kvdcars' environmental impact continues and the focus ahead is to evaluate the development and enable us to affect the environment as little as possible, while at the same time the quality of our work is not affected.

Culture and valuations

We are a collaborative and customer-oriented organisation characterised by being:

  • Innovative

  • Attentive

  • Motivating

  • Simple

We work hard to achieve our goals and we take care of each other. We know that it is important to attain results. And we achieve better results if we also have fun at work!

Company Management and Board

Kvdcars operates within the business areas of auction sales and valuation services online. The KVD Group includes the marketplaces Kvdcars and Kvdpro in addition to the valuation company Bilpriser and the motorhome and caravan seller Forsbergs Fritidscenter. The KVD Group has been owned since 2010 by Ratos, a Nordic listed company group.

Board of Directors

Anders Slettengren, Chairman
Jacob Landén, Regular member
Magnus Ulfsparre, Employee representative
Fredrik Wilcken, Employee representative

Company Management

Jan Krepp, CEO
Anders Warnhammar, CFO
Robert Larsson, Operation Manager
Daniel Odsberg, Commercial Manager
Helena Spiess, CIO
Åsa Falck, HR Manager
Jessica Jegermalm, Head of Communications & Sustainability
Peter Manhof, CMO
Christian Conradi, Business Development Manager


Kvdcars is owned by the publicly listed private equity company Ratos.


The AGM of KVD has elected the registered firm of accountants Ernst&Young to be the company's auditor.

Code of Conduct

Read Kvdcars Code of Conduct