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Used Porsche – Buy via auction or by fixed price

Are you interested in becoming the proud owner of a Porsche? At Kvdcars we offer many high-quality used models of this popular car. As experienced car auctioneers, we see that we sell quite number of Porsches every year. Last year we sold over 70 Porsches out of a total sales volume of 26 000 cars. If you're selling your previously-owned Porsche you want to be sure you get paid quickly and without any problems. Sell your car at our Kvdcars auctions and you need never worry about getting paid. In addition, Kvdcars offers many other services to make life easier for you when you sell your car. We wash and clean your Porsche both inside and out, we show it to potential buyers, do all the advertising, inspect the condition of your vehicle and arrange for transfer of ownership. In short, Kvdcars does it all for you!

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