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1Contact us
  • CheckIconSend a notice of interest
  • CheckIconWe work out the details together
  • CheckIconHand in the car or let us pick it up
2We make it ready for sale
  • CheckIconOur technicians test
  • CheckIconThe car gets valued
  • CheckIconWe wash and photograph
3We show it and sell
  • CheckIconWe market the car on several sites
  • CheckIconThe car is sold through bidding or at a fixed price
  • CheckIconYou consider the highest bid
4We take care of everything
  • CheckIconWe do all the paperwork
  • CheckIconWe deliver the car to the buyer
  • CheckIconWe take responsibility for any complaint

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We at Kvdcars sell cars that:

  • CheckmarkIconAre registered for sale by the owner or a family member of the owner.
  • CheckmarkIconThe car has been registered to the same owner for the last 2 months. Please call us at +46 (0)10 167 30 20 and we will help you.
  • CheckmarkIconAre maximum fifteen years old
  • CheckmarkIconHave less than 300,000 km on the clock.
  • CheckmarkIconHave at least three months until the next inspection period and have passed the most recent inspection.
  • CheckmarkIconAre not subject to a driving ban
  • CheckmarkIconAre not sports cars, modified or tuned up.

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