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Kvdcars Insurance

Always 14 days included

Tailored for your life moments

With Kvdcars Insurance, you receive solid basic coverage right from the start – we offer the first 14 days for free when you buy a car. Through personal advice, you get help to find an insurance that suits you.

What's included?

  • A trial insurance for 14 days

  • Personal advice

  • Up to 15% discount on renewal*

For the first two weeks, Kvdcars offers the insurance for free. Our partner behind the insurance, Söderberg & Partners, will contact you with an offer for extension.

A car insurance based on your terms

There is the possibility to sign up for both partial and comprehensive insurance, depending on what your car needs.

  • Good basic coverage with a flexible deductible where you choose the level you want.

  • Always access to personal advice and help with everything from canceling your old insurances to ongoing insurance review.

  • The possibility to add additional insurance for, for example, damage due to animal collision, compensation if you need a rental car, and extended all-risk protection not covered by the basic protection.

By the way...

Since Kvdcars Insurance is developed in collaboration with Söderberg & Partners, you are offered favorable prices on their other insurances upon renewal.


Contact us at 010-167 30 00 or at , and we will assist you.

Kvdcars Insurance is a collaboration between Kvdcars and the insurance broker Söderberg & Partners Privatförsäkring, and the insurer is Dina Försäkringar. Please note that the insurance does not cover any existing damages or faults on the car at the time of purchase. You can get a 5% discount when you choose direct debit and an additional 10% discount if you collect all your private insurances at Söderberg & Partners Privatförsäkring.