You can collect your car here

Kvdcars have facilities all over Sweden. Regardless of which facility the car you buy is currently at, you can pick it up at the facility that suits you best. You can look for price information for the transport in the list below.

0 kr*
  • *The price information relates to cars within the following dimensions: L 5.0 x W 2.0 x H 1.7.

    If the vehicle exceeds these dimensions, please contact our Customer Centre for price details.

  • How to book transport

    All transport of cars between our facilities is carried out using car transporters and takes around one week. At longer distances, the transport can take up to 14 days.

    Please note that we, due to Corona, can not transport cars with alcohol lock between Gotland and the mainland.

    For booking of transport we ask that you contact our Customer Center no later than 24 hours after the end of the auction.

  • Customer Service Center