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Make an interest inquiry here!When you fill in your details you agree that Kvdbil AB manage your personal data for your car loan application.

* For cars with a meter reading below 200 000 km, the loan is calculated with 50% residual value, 36-month loan period, 20% cash contribution and 8.95% interest. For cars with a meter reading of more than 200 000 km, the loan is calculated without residual value and with a 72-month loan period.

With a car loan you get:

  • opportunity to buy a car today

  • a tailor-made financing solution

  • favorable conditions due to our size

95 percent of applicants are granted

We sell 26 000 cars a year, which gives us a good starting point for negotiating a favourable car loan for you. We have the opportunity to help 95 percent of those who apply to sign a car loan, and if we are not able to solve a loan for you, you have the right to skip the purchase. The best way to a fair car trade, basically.

A simple and tailor-made car loan

We want to make it easy for you to buy a car. We therefore offer a financing solution custom made for you - based on your needs. You choose how much you want to pay in cash (minimum 20 percent) and how much you pay per month.