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Buying a used car? This is how you do it!

At kvdcars.com you find hundreds of used cars for sale every week that are thoroughly tested. You choose to buy the car through bidding or at a fixed price. Some cars are like in mint condition, while others need a little love. But they are all looking for a new owner to sit in the driver's seat.

You choose buying method – bidding or fixed price

When you find your next car at kvdcar.scom, you choose the buying method that suits you: bidding or fixed price.

Buy through bidding:

  • Just pay SEK 500 more than anyone else would have given for the car.

  • Choose to place a maximum bid and your bid will automatically increase to the level you have chosen.

  • If you win the bidding, we will contact you and close the deal.

Read more about buying a used car through bidding at kvdcars.com here.

Buy at fixed price:

  • Avoid waiting or risking being outbid.

  • Possible up to 48 hours before the auction ends.

  • You reserve the car and we will call you to help you with the purchase.

Read more about buying a used car at a fixed price at kvdcars.com here.

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