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Used BMW 1-serien – Buy via auction or by fixed price

At Kvdcars we can help you sell or purchase a used BMW 1-serien. At our online auctions last year we sold over 28,000 vehicles of which several were BMW 1-serien. To make it simple and easy to sell your BMW 1-serien is something we at Kvdcars know how to do. If you're thinking of selling your BMW 1-serien on your own, you're in for a lot of time-consuming effort that we can take care of for you! Do you really want to wash and clean your BMW 1-serien both inside and out, have the time to demonstrate your car for potential buyers and take care of all the advertising? Wouldn't you rather let Kvdcars handle the entire sales process including the paperwork? Let Kvdcars do all the work for you. We will conduct an extensive and reliable inspection, deliver your cars to its new owner and you won't have to wait to receive your payment safely and quickly.

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For a while, compact cars were only available as budget cars, although several attempts were made in recent times to launch smaller cars from prestige brands and premium manufacturers. An example is Cadillac, which reworked existing, smaller GM models from manufacturers such as Opel and then launched these under Cadillac's model program. It was not until the early 2000s that smaller premium cars gained a boost and became a segment to count on.

One of the pioneers, and perhaps one of the most popular in the class, is the BMW 1 Series (and also the 2 Series), which saw the light of day for the first time in the 2004 model year. sporting ambitions for which BMW identified a market. The first generation was manufactured in the years 2004 - 2011 and became a replacement for the 3-series Compact and is the most common in the Swedish market as ridge called "hatchback"; a car with five doors and a small drawer. For this generation, diesel engines are the most common. The second generation, launched for the 2012 model year, is a new model but is reminiscent of its predecessor in terms of both dimensions and design but with a sharply changed front as the biggest feature. The interior is also new and has a more modern design language and a snap better detail quality and finish. This model was the first 1-series to also be offered with four-wheel drive, in BMW language called "xDrive".

For the 2015 year model, an update was made of the model that mainly concerns things like lanterns and grills. 2017, on the other hand, came a whole new model and this one is not so much reminiscent of its predecessor as the first two generations. Extensive lanterns, more aggressive front and a slimmer model in four-door configuration. However, this is only available on the Chinese market. Since 2016, the BMW 2 Series has taken over as the smallest model in BMW's program.