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Volkswagen Caddy1.9 TDI Skåp, Reparationsobjekt

2007/256 240 km/Diesel/Manual
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20 000 kr
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5 500 kr
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Kvdcars assessment

“En Volkswagen Caddy från 2007 med dieselmotor. Utrustad med bl.a. dragkrok. OBS! På grund av bilens brister har all utrustning inte kunnat funktionstestas. Bilen säljes som ett reparationsobjekt och måste hämtas med transport.”

The result from the KVD-test

Our vehicle technicians have tested the car on more than 170 points and noted both approved points and eventual remarks. This gives you a good and fair picture of the car.

Engine and gearbox

- "Koppling, ur funktion, Trasig koppling går ej att köra" -


No remarks

Technology and equipment

- "El-speglar, reglage skadat, Rear window washer leak" -


- "Karosskada vänster bakskärm, Bristfällig fastsättning höger sidospegel, Flertal rostangrepp, Några stenskott, dörruppslag och repor, Upper brake lamp, incorrect attachment" -


- "Invändigt flertal repor, fläckar och märken, Ratten är sliten, Innertak, smutsigt" -


  • Summer tyres(Mounted)
    5 mm
    6 mm
    5 mm
    6 mm
    15" Metal rim
    A summer tyre must have at least 1,6 mm tread depth. A new summer tyre have around 7-8 mm tread depth.
  • Studded winter tyres
    6 mm
    8 mm
    5 mm
    7 mm
    15" Metal rim
    A winter tyre must have at least 3 mm tread depth. A new winter tyre have around 9-10 mm tread depth.


Equipment packages: Reparationsobjekt
  • Traction control
    Help system that prevents wheels from spinning
  • Towbar, fixed
    Arrangement for towing, for example, car trailer or boat trailer, etc. Fixed to the car
  • Remote lock
    Enables you to open and lock the car from a distance
  • Radio
    Radio player
  • Power window front
    Electronic window lift front
  • Power mirrors
    Electronically adjustable door mirrors
  • Heated front seats
    Different levels of heat in the front seats, set with a button
  • CD-Stereo
    CD player
  • Anti-skid system
    A system that detects if the car is skidding. By applying the brakes on individual wheels, the car is stabilised and the skid prevented. Also called ESP.
  • AC
    Air conditioning without the ability to automatically adjust the temperature

Car facts

  • Previous owners


  • License number


  • Model year


  • Odometer reading

    256 240 km

  • First date in traffic


  • Service history

    Service utförd vid följande mil: 1664, 4076, 8693, 14055, 17464, senast 2015-06-10

  • Gearbox


  • Number of seats


  • Number of keys


  • Color


  • Finish


  • Textile


  • New car warranty

    Not examined

  • Collision warranty

    Not examined

  • Tax fee (yearly)

    4051 SEK

Technical data

  • Chassis number


  • Engine effect (diesel)

    105 hp (77 kW)

  • Max payload

    670 kg

  • Max pull weight

    1 280 kg

  • Next inspection at the latest


  • Curb weight

    1 550 kg

  • Tax weight

    2 220 kg

  • Max trailer weight

    1 500 kg

  • Vehicle total weight

    2 220 kg

  • Length

    4,40 m

  • Width

    1,81 m

Other information

  • Sold in sweden


  • Exportable


Norra Vägen 12

85650 Sundsvall

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