Sell your Volvo?

Used Volvo? – Buy via auction or by fixed price

Thinking of buying or selling a previously-owned Volvo? Every year we sell al lot of Volvos. To be precise we sold more than 4,200 of them last year. At Kvdcars we also offer many other brands for you to choose from. In fact, last year 26 000 vehicles changed owners thanks to our online car auctions. Selling a used car can require a lot of time and effort. With Kvdcars there is no hassle. We take care of all advertising, we show your car to potential buyers, conduct a thorough and reliable inspection of your vehicle, wash and clean your car both inside and out, do all the paperwork, see to it that your vehicle is delivered to its new owner and you are paid quickly and safely. Let Kvdcars do all the work for you.

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