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Used Tesla Model S – Buy via auction or by fixed price

At Kvdcars we can help you sell or purchase a used Tesla Model S. At our online auctions last year we sold over 28,000 vehicles of which several were Tesla Model S. To make it simple and easy to sell your Tesla Model S is something we at Kvdcars know how to do. If you're thinking of selling your Tesla Model S on your own, you're in for a lot of time-consuming effort that we can take care of for you! Do you really want to wash and clean your Tesla Model S both inside and out, have the time to demonstrate your car for potential buyers and take care of all the advertising? Wouldn't you rather let Kvdcars handle the entire sales process including the paperwork? Let Kvdcars do all the work for you. We will conduct an extensive and reliable inspection, deliver your cars to its new owner and you won't have to wait to receive your payment safely and quickly.

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The Tesla Model S was the first model from Tesla intended for a wide market. Although the car is classified as a premium and has price tags, already in the basic design, of over SEK 800,000 in the Nordic markets, it was significantly lower priced than the first model Tesla Roadster - an open, two-seater performance car. Model S is a so-called fully electric car which means that it does not have an internal combustion engine parallel to an electric motor like a hybrid car. This electric car has a range of 600 km (with the largest battery choice) under ideal conditions. However, the same shell applies as for all electric cars - the range becomes considerably shorter in cold weather. The Tesla Model S is an unusual car on the Swedish market but otherwise it is in our neighboring Norway where the round of subsidies sells really well. It is also much more common in other markets and is the second best-selling purely electric car in history after the Nissan Leaf (in 2019). The prices of the Model S vary widely, due to the capacity of batteries and the performance of the electric motor. All models are performance cars / luxury cars and the Model S P90D accelerates from 0-100 km/h in about three seconds. Powerful electric cars have good performance because all the torque in the engine is available right away and is not dependent on engine speed as on an internal combustion engine. The model is available as rear wheel drive or four wheel drive with a range from 224 kilometers (model 60) and up to 600 km (model 100D). The range is determined by the capacity, kilowatt hours, in the car's battery; from 40- to 100 kWh. Common in the Swedish second-hand market is S70 and S85 and all hold a very good secondary value and attractiveness.