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At Kvdcars we can help you sell or purchase a used Skoda Superb. At our online auctions last year we sold over 28,000 vehicles of which several were Skoda Superb. To make it simple and easy to sell your Skoda Superb is something we at Kvdcars know how to do. If you're thinking of selling your Skoda Superb on your own, you're in for a lot of time-consuming effort that we can take care of for you! Do you really want to wash and clean your Skoda Superb both inside and out, have the time to demonstrate your car for potential buyers and take care of all the advertising? Wouldn't you rather let Kvdcars handle the entire sales process including the paperwork? Let Kvdcars do all the work for you. We will conduct an extensive and reliable inspection, deliver your cars to its new owner and you won't have to wait to receive your payment safely and quickly.

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Skoda Superb is Skoda's flagship model and the largest car in the model program from the Czech manufacturer. The first generation was launched in 2002 and was then an extended version of the popular Volkswagen Passat, Superb is ten centimeters longer. The premium car class, which Skoda Superb belongs to, was unknown land for the brand when the first generation was launched. Skoda was best known for smaller cars with great focus on mainly low purchase prices and in the European market they were pioneers when the first models were launched in the mid-1990s. A Skoda could then be bought for a bit under 90,000 SEK.

The industry media was particularly positive for the generous interior dimensions of Skoda Superb. The comfort was also praised but not least the legroom in the rear seat which belongs to the best in its class for all generations of the car model. Three years later, in 2006, it was time for an update of Skoda Superb and the changes were in the usual way front and headlights. This generation has engine options from a smaller 1.8-liter gasoline petrol engine and a 1.9-liter diesel-powered variant to more powerful variants with better performance with associated higher operating costs. The largest engine for the first generation was a V6 engine of 193 horsepower and is an unusual choice in the Swedish market. The second generation was based on an extended version of the Skoda Octavia and is a few centimeters longer than its predecessor but with similar interior dimensions. This model also got such motor choices as its predecessor but with a longer list of both standard equipment and options. This generation received an update for the 2013 model, which included front and with more efficient LED headlights. The most fuel-efficient choice for this generation of Superb is a 1.4 liter petrol engine and 123 horsepower, an engine that works well with the car even though the Superb is a big sedan.

The third generation was presented to the 2015 model year and had once again grown to the outer dimensions and was now close to 4.9 meters long, but also the inner dimensions followed and became even more generous. This brand new car became a great recognition for Skoda at the journalist corps and the model won the majority of awards, including British "Top Gear" wrote that the car was probably among the best in the class at a mild price and gave it eight points out of ten possible. At this generation, V6 engines are no longer available, but most engine selections, both petrol and diesel, have a cylinder volume of 2 liters or less, which gives better emission figures and fuel consumption. A construction grip that became commonplace with car manufacturers around 2010.