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Used Hyundai I40 – Buy via auction or by fixed price

At Kvdcars we can help you sell or purchase a used Hyundai I40. At our online auctions last year we sold over 28,000 vehicles of which several were Hyundai I40. To make it simple and easy to sell your Hyundai I40 is something we at Kvdcars know how to do. If you're thinking of selling your Hyundai I40 on your own, you're in for a lot of time-consuming effort that we can take care of for you! Do you really want to wash and clean your Hyundai I40 both inside and out, have the time to demonstrate your car for potential buyers and take care of all the advertising? Wouldn't you rather let Kvdcars handle the entire sales process including the paperwork? Let Kvdcars do all the work for you. We will conduct an extensive and reliable inspection, deliver your cars to its new owner and you won't have to wait to receive your payment safely and quickly.

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It is easy to keep track of Hyundai's model program, all models start with the letter "i" and with the corresponding digit combination indicating the size of the car. The smallest model today is called i10 and is a small small car calibrated for city traffic while the i40 is the largest car Hyundai offers (in 2019). In 2012, the I40 was replaced by the previous Hyundai Sonata and is classed as a big one in most markets. It is especially popular in the East Asian market and in Russia where part of the production also takes place. In the Swedish market, it is sold either as a sedan (four doors without a combination) alternatively as a manor wagon, the latter of which is the most popular in Sweden. In size it qualifies into the same class as a Volvo V70 from the same era. It is sold almost exclusively, with a few exceptions, as a diesel car and then in the form of a 1.7-liter engine called "CRDI". The design has become very popular with the motor press and has also been awarded with prices in Europe; Despite its slim and arched design, the inner and outer dimensions are generous and practical. The price picture of used cars varies quite considerably and it depends on the equipment level (and of course other factors such as mileage and year model), but it should be mentioned that the Hyundai i40 is a well-equipped car already in standard equipment with, among other things, adequate stereo system and steering wheel heating. Partly because of good comfort and great value for money, it was rewarded with the title "Service car of the year" at the introduction. It has also received five stars from the Euro NCAP crash safety test.