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Kvdcars Certified

A more secure car purchase

Road-ready for your first trip

We’re now making it easier for you to buy a good and secure car. Kvdcars Certified will help you find a car that runs problem-free - from your first trip.

All vehicles sold through Kvdcars have undergone our extensive and independent vehicle test. Kvdcars Certified gathers cars that meet specific requirements on condition and function according to the results of the test.

You’re fully secure with Kvdcars Certified

With Kvdcars Certified you will get a car that is:

  • Less than 10 years old

  • In good condition, both technically and functionally

  • Simply put, a good car purchase

So you can count on the car's important components, such as engine, gearbox and brakes, working well and without any problems. Equipment inside the car is also in good condition. Good to know, isn’t it?

What cars are included in Kvdcars Certified?

What cars are included in Kvdcars Certified?

  • Maximum 10 years old

  • Maximum 150 000 km on the clock

  • No complaints regarding engine, gearbox and brakes

  • No significant complaints regarding technology and equipment

  • Tyres on the cars have legal tread depth

Certified cars
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