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We at Kvdcars help you sell your Jaguar XJ. At our auctions last year, we sold over 26,000 cars, several of which were of the Jaguar XJ model. To make it easy and easy to sell your Jaguar XJ, we can at Kvdcars. We handle everything by selling your Jaguar XJ from taking care of vehicle testing, interior and exterior laundry, marketing, display to potential buyers, sales, change of ownership, payment of your money and delivery to the car's new owner. If you want to buy a Jaguar XJ instead, we at Kvdbil make it easy for you to choose from a large selection of Jaguar XJ as we sell many used examples at our auctions every year.

Jaguar XJ is a bigger sedan in the same size class as Cadillac Seville and Deville, BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S Class depending on generation. It has long been the Jaguars flagship model and is available in many different configurations, of which “Daimler” has been the most expensive model with the distinctive wooden trays in the back seat. The first model was launched in 1968 and is called "Series 1" and, like many of its successors, was available with either a six- or twelve-cylinder engine as an option from the 1972 model onwards.

The legendary V12 is also shared with the iconic sports car XJS (which was later replaced by the now more common XK). Until the mid-2000s, Jaguar had its distinctive design with round lanterns and sloping hoods as well as many wooden inserts and chrome details in interiors, as was the sequel Series 2, launched in 1973, configured and the car also grew slightly to the outside dimensions. New to this generation was that a coupe was introduced with the aim of competing with the then popular Mercedes SLC (built on the two-seat convertible Mercedes SL). Only about 10,000 cars were produced before the model was discontinued, but today they are regarded as attractive collectibles, especially those that are original and not rust-painted and / or repainted.

Previously, Jaguars, even in good condition, were able to switch owners for remarkably low prices, but as veteran cars have generally gained momentum and become interesting investment objects, older Jaguar cars have also become expensive. This also applies to Series 3 from 1979-1992. The technology in these is more modern and the comfort is noticeably better than that of its predecessors, but the classic and elegant design remains. The most expensive model is also in the third generation Daimler Double Six - V12 with all possible equipment. Until 1986, the XJ shape changed radically and the classic features disappeared, but they quickly returned with the fifth generation launched in 1994 and even the two subsequent generations retained the outer attributes with four lanterns and cat-like shape. For 2010, however, a model was launched that looked completely different, bigger and wider, with a more sporty than classic interior.

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