Sell your Subaru?

Used Subaru? – Buy via auction or by fixed price

At Kvdcars auctions we know how to sell cars. The buyer and seller can always be assured of getting a good price without any effort on their part. It's a real win-win situation. Last year we sold 280 Subarus which made for some very satisfied customers. Maybe you would like to sell your Subaru but just can't deal with the time and energy it would take to complete a successful sale. Why not let Kvdcars do the job for you instead? We can help you with a wide range of services such as washing and cleaning your car both inside and out, a thorough inspection of the car's condition, taking care of all the advertising, handling the transfer of ownership and delivery of your Subaru to its new owner. Kvdcars will take care of the entire sales process and you won't have to wait for your money to be deposited quickly and safely in your account.

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