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  • Drive safely in the autumn - that's how you take care of the car

Drive safely in the autumn - that's how you take care of the car

4 oktoober, 2023

Are you and your car ready for autumn? Apart from the fact that this is the time of year when darkness sets in, it is now that the frost is coming, moose hunting is underway and the sun can dazzle the most.

Change of season and time to give the car a little extra care. In addition to the usual car wash, here are some valuable cleaning tips for autumn. In addition, we share what you should think about to drive safely in autumn traffic.

Take care of the car:

  • Check if dirt has settled on the inside of the rims. If so, be thorough and clean the entire rim by either laying under the car or rolling it slightly until you reach the other half of the rim. In this way, you avoid an imbalance in the wheel, which can feel as if the wheel is falling off when you drive.

  • Clean the sheet metal in the door openings, dirt often gets in here. Otherwise, moisture can settle in the dirt with rust damage as a result. Not so fun!

  • Wax the car! In autumn and winter, the amount of stone and salt on the roads increases. With a freshly waxed car, you get extra protection against both stone chips and dirt.

Road safety - think about this:

Are your car's headlights working?

With autumn comes shorter and darker days. Therefore, it is a good idea to pay extra attention to your car's headlights.

  • Do a thorough review of the various light settings, partly to check function but perhaps also to remind you how to use them?

  • You know that you should always have the lights on at the front of the car and at the back between sunset and dawn and when the weather offers poor visibility, e.g. rain, fog and snow.

Moose hunting it was!

The autumn moose hunt starts on September 7 in the far north and from October 12 from Uppsala down to Skåne in the south.

  • The moose will then move more than usual and you should pay extra attention, especially at sunrise and sunset.

  • Game fences are set up in risk areas. Be extra careful here as well and to keep an eye on roadsides. But above all: slow down immediately if you see a moose on the side of the road.

Watch out for blinding sun

  • In autumn, the sun is lower and the risk of being dazzled increases. Check the condition of the windscreen, if it is damaged it contributes to (even) poorer visibility.

  • Check that the wiper blades are working properly. Maybe it's time to replace these? And don't forget to top up with washer fluid.

  • Sunglasses are not just a summer accessory. Feel free to keep an extra pair in the car for sunny autumn days.

Frosty roads

  • Adjust the speed according to the appearance of the road and the traffic on the road. If the road is curvy or hilly, adjust your speed well in advance of the curve or hill crest.

  • If it's really slippery, try to steer with small steering movements to avoid skidding.

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