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That's why you shouldn't dirty wash your car

21 märts, 2024

Do you also wash your car dirty? Think again - you can influence the car's resale value.

More and more Swedish car owners state that they wash their cars at home in the driveway or in the garage. Sure, it can feel simple and economical in the moment. But "dirty washing" the car at home has a negative impact on the environment.

Help save our drinking water

Washing your car on the driveway or in the garage means that toxic heavy metals, oil residues and chemicals flow into stormwater wells and further into lakes and waterways. Nevertheless, every fourth car owner states that they wash their car this way, according to a Sifo survey that we at Kvdbil did. When the same question was asked in 2018, the figure was 21 percent.

- I actually thought we had come further. Many people probably think that it is practical and cheap to "dirty wash" the car on the street or driveway. For this, our drinking water and our environment pay a high price, says Daniel Odsberg, sales manager Kvdbil.

Daniel's recommendation is to always wash at a car wash. At the car wash, the wash water is separated from oil and toxic particles before it is led to a sewage treatment plant where it is purified.

- Go to a car wash, preferably one that is eco-labelled. You get a clean car and a clear conscience, says Daniel Odsberg, sales manager Kvdbil.

That's how often you should wash your car

The survey also shows that only one in three (33%) car owners wash their car once a month or more often. Older people and men are the most diligent in cleaning the car. 44 percent aged 56-79 wash the car at least once a month, compared to 23 percent aged 18-34. The corresponding figures for men and women are 39 and 26 percent respectively.

- If you want to keep your car in good condition, you have to take care of it. In our climate, washing the car as infrequently as every two months results in increased wear and tear and this affects the resale value. I recommend washing the car at least once a month. Otherwise, there is a risk of dirt and salt collecting on and under the car and the paint can be damaged and dulled so that rust takes hold, says Odsberg.

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