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Right time to sell your car

29 jaanuar, 2023

Thinking of selling your car? Now is the right time, as there is a huge demand for used cars right now.

A large demand for used cars has caused the prices of used cars to rise in recent years, according to statistics both from bilpriser.se. Probable reasons for this are the weak Swedish krona, which has meant that many cars are sold abroad. Another reason is the new tax rules around new diesel and petrol-powered cars, the bonus malus system, which drives buyers to the used market rather than buying a new car.

Three tips for selling your used car

  • Collect all documents related to the car. For example inspection certificates, receipts from repairs and the car's service book. Also check that all spare keys are available.

  • Fix minor damage and replace the tires if they are too worn. It can determine how much a potential buyer is willing to pay. Also check the car's fuses, so that, for example, electric windows work as they should.

  • Clean the car properly inside, please do a recond. Can be seen as a simple and fairly obvious thing, but how fresh the car is and how it smells is important for how it is valued by a potential buyer and something that can affect the selling price of the car. Do you sell through Kvdbil we wash and clean the car before it is photographed.

High pressure on the auctions

If you have been thinking about whether or not to sell your car, now is the time to act and sell the car. And since we at Kvdbil are also experiencing high pressure with many bidders participating in our auctions, it is the right time to test us.

Get rid of hagglers and tire kickers

When you sell your car through Kvdbil, we take care of all the work. You avoid tire kickers, stakeholders who haggle and all the paperwork. We test drive the car before selling it so it can be valued at the right price and give potential buyers a fair picture of the car, which means they don't have to deal with unexpected expenses. Below we list tips on value-enhancing measures that can increase the car's selling price, regardless of how you choose to sell the car.

Are you interested in selling the car?

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