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5 tips to entertain the children in the car

1 mai, 2024

Car holidays not only give you freedom and many wonderful memories together with the family, it also means many hours in the car – hours that can feel extra long for the little ones. For a happier mood in the car, we share our five best tips!

1. Plan breaks in advance

We start with what is essential – planning the stops in advance. By planning where and when you will take a break on the road (even before you get into the car) a good basic plan is created to fall back on.

The Swedish Transport Administration has a helpful map of rest areas throughout Sweden that is worth bookmarking before the trip. There you can see if the rest area has toilets, restaurants and a playground.

2. Get out and move around

When it's time to pull over for a break, make sure the whole family gets out of the car and let the kids run around for a while. If you have brought food or coffee and the weather permits, take the opportunity to set up on the nearest bench or go for a classic tailgate picnic. Sure, it's convenient to eat inside the car, but don't underestimate how much it can do with a little change of environment and fresh air, even for the adults.

3. Make food an experience

Bring out your creative side and make traveling an experience, we almost dare to promise that it will be worth the extra trouble! Why not surprise the children by pressing melon slices into small figures with gingerbread molds or freezing the doves so that they become like bite-sized ice cream? You can get more tips for food on the go here .

4. Listen to audiobooks together

If you are going on a trip that extends over several days, we recommend that you start listening to an audiobook together. By having the whole family listen to the same book, the story becomes something you can share and talk about together during the trip. There will also be a natural screen break when the focus is on listening instead of watching.

5. Activate the children with Kvdbil's car bingo

Maybe car bingo is something you did yourself as a child? Playing car bingo is a practical way to get kids looking out the window and using their imaginations.

We've created a downloadable PDF that's ready to print for future road trips. One tip is to print several copies to be able to have them for both bingo tiles and coloring books - or why not a combination of both?

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