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Change to winter tires yourself, this is how you do it: step by step

7 november, 2023

When changing to winter tires, it is important to keep track of tools, weather, date and condition of the tires. Should you change the tires yourself? We guide you so that the tire change is correct and easy!

Should you change the tires yourself? Here are the tips for you

Here's our guide on how to change your tires yourself. We also offer useful tips for a good and safe car life. In addition, we advise on tire insurance , so that you can feel calm even if the punk is ahead.

Good location for changing tires

The best place to change tires is a flat surface. If you have access to some kind of parking space without a slope, that is preferable. For safety reasons, you can use pallet blocks, so you minimize the risk of the car moving. And don't forget to apply the handbrake!

What are the dates for tire changes?

Winter tires must be used from December 1 to March 31, if winter road conditions prevail. It is forbidden to use studded tires during the time period 16 April - 30 September if there are not or expected to be winter road conditions.

What tools are good to have when changing tires?

Is it time to plan for a tire change? OK, now we're driving. Good tools to have at home when changing tires yourself are pallet blocks, a sturdy jack, a rim cross and a torque wrench. Avoid placing the bolts directly on the ground, then gravel and dirt will easily stick to them. Take care to lubricate the thread of the wheel bolt with aluminum or copper paste. Then it will be easier to loosen the bolt when it is time to change back to the summer tires. Remember to retighten the wheel bolts after 5-10 miles, so you reduce the risk of the wheel coming loose.

Step by step - so you can change to winter tires yourself

1. Apply the handbrake

2 . Loosen the wheel bolts

- Loosen half a turn when the car is still on the ground

3. Hoist up the car

4. Use pallet blocks intended for the weight of the car

5. Loosen the wheels

- Now unscrew the wheel bolts completely

6. Good position to check the brake pads

- Be sure to do your own inspection!

7. Lubricate the wheel bolts before screwing them back on

- Tighten the bolts crosswise, i.e. one at a time on the diagonal

8. Remove pallet blocks and lower the car

9. Check the wheel bolts with a torque wrench

10. Check the tire pressure

Tire tread depth - what does it matter?

If your tires have different tread depths, put the ones with the greatest depth in the back. This is to reduce the risk of skidding when braking in turns. For summer tires it is a legal requirement that the car must have a tire depth of at least 1.6 mm, however, a minimum tire depth of 3 mm is recommended on wet roads. For winter tires, 3 millimeters tire depth is a minimum according to law. All cars that we at Kvdbil sell have undergone our thorough vehicle test where we of course check the condition of the tires.

Watch out for low tire pressure

You can check that the tires have the correct air pressure the next time you refuel. Suitable air pressure varies between different cars, but is usually somewhere around 2.5 bar (250 kpa) on a normal passenger car. To see what is recommended for your particular car, you can look for a marking on the fuel cap or on the driver's door. Keep in mind that cold can affect air pressure. If a tire has a pressure of 2 bar at 20 degrees, then the pressure is displayed at 1.8 bar if it is at zero degrees.

If an accident happens

Even if you follow all the tips and advice that are available regarding changing to winter tires, of course the accident can still happen. Maybe you get pessed at home in the parking lot or something unexpected happens out on the roads that leads to flat tires. In that case, it can feel safe to have tire insurance. Then you can have your tire repaired or replaced so that you can safely and easily hit the road or continue your journey.

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