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  • The options that increase the resale value of the car

The options that increase the resale value of the car

29 helmikuu, 2024

Yes, what is really worth paying a little extra for when it comes to the car? It can be difficult to know which options are actually financially beneficial if you later want to resell your car. We had a chat with one of our valuation experts to delve deeper into the matter.

As a rule, there are certain options that we at Kvdbil see are more in demand than others on the market. And whether you're buying a brand new or a used car, it's good to know which options are worth paying a little extra for - if you think about the resale value.

- There are certain things that we definitely notice that customers are asking for a little extra and which are therefore increasing in value, says Ossian, valuer at Kvdbil.

1. Panoramic roof

Yes, not only is it a bit of everyday luxury to be able to have the sky above, but a panoramic roof is one of the options that generally pays off when you resell the car. Something that is not too visible from the outside, but definitely gives a wow factor when you step into the car - and thus is considered worth paying a little extra for by many.

2. Sound that impresses

Sound with that little extra becomes more and more pop. And we understand why! When it comes to sound systems, we advise that many are specifically drawn to brands such as Bose, Bowers & Wilkin or Meridan.

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3. Built-in GPS

Despite the fact that many people today have GPS in their phones, an integrated navigation system is still something that is requested by many customers. Therefore, even if you yourself possibly prefer navigation directly on your mobile, it can be a smart option.

4. Adaptive cruise control

How does it feel to have a little extra help on the road when driving long distances? Yes, it is something that attracts many. You get this through an adaptive cruise control , also called "cruise control", which helps you to keep your desired speed and to keep a distance from cars in front of you.

5. Sports package

Of the various design packages that are available, a so-called "sport package" tends to increase the car's value at a future sale. These packages often involve both the appearance of the car, but also the performance. But it is mainly the appearance that attracts the masses, says Ossian.

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