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This way you retain the car's resale value

29 november, 2022

The service light comes on and you know it's time. Are you one of those who submit immediately or do you wait?

Most of us know that it is important to regularly take the car in for service. Following the car's service intervals not only gives you a safer and better car. You also create the conditions for as high a resale value as possible.

Take care of small errors

The older the car gets, the more often it should be serviced. According to Ralph Sjöqvist, technical manager at Mekonomen , roughly every 1,500 miles is a good interval to avoid major damage as a result of minor faults.

Change fuel filter and oil

Changing a fuel filter is usually not an expensive story. But if you skip changing, an old fuel filter can destroy the entire fuel system and cause damages of up to SEK 60,000.

The oil then? Use a good oil and change it relatively often!

How can the windshield affect the brake discs?

The fact that cars nowadays are equipped with advanced technology is often an advantage, but sometimes it can get a little crazy, if you don't take care to fix the original fault in time.

Among other things, Ralph tells us that windshields with rain sensors are a finesse to keep an eye on. In addition to "telling" the windshield wipers that it's raining, the brake discs are also activated so that they are lightly braked from time to time. Which is a positive, the brake discs are kept dry and work better, but if the windscreen is worn, the rain sensors can mistakenly perceive it as raining, resulting in the brake discs being activated even though they are dry.

A worn windshield can therefore eventually lead to the entire brake system having to be reviewed and possibly replaced.

Avoid expensive surprises - sign a service agreement

If you buy a car marked with Kvdbil Certified and at the same time take out our favorable car loan , we give you the opportunity to sign our service agreement. The service agreement is paid monthly together with your car loan, with a cost from only SEK 140 a month.

This is included in our service agreement

  • Service according to the car manufacturer's recommendations

  • Access to service at 250 of Mekonomen's car workshops across the country

  • Changing the timing belt if necessary

  • Roadside assistance

Read more about our service agreement here .

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