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Budget proposal for 2023 - summarized

15 listopada, 2022

This was presented in the Government's budget bill at the beginning of November. We have compiled things related to life by car!

Summary of the budget bill 2023

  • The price of diesel and petrol is reduced by the equivalent of 1 kroner per litre.

  • The previous Government intended to increase the reduction obligation, which the Riksdag also agreed to. However, this increase has been paused before 2023, taking into account the high fuel prices. The government instead intends to lower the reduction obligation to the EU's lowest level. However, this is expected to come into force only on 1 January 2024.

  • The distance-based model for travel compensation, which according to a Riksdag decision earlier this year was to be introduced at the turn of the year, is now being stopped. Instead, the travel deduction must be maintained in its current form. On the other hand, they want the standard amount that is deducted for costs for work trips with your own car to be increased from SEK 18.50 per mile to SEK 25 per mile.

  • It is proposed to increase the deduction for fuel for work trips with a benefit car to SEK 12 per mile. Today, you can deduct SEK 6.50 or SEK 9.50 per mile, depending on the fuel. Exceptions must be made for fully electric benefit cars, here the current deduction of SEK 9.50 will continue to apply.

  • The government also proposes that those who charge their car at the workplace should not be taxed with benefits, this applies to both their own car and benefit car. This is proposed to come into effect on 1 July 2023 and apply to benefits provided after 30 June 2023.

Change that takes effect in 2022

The bonus part of the Bonus malus system is removed. From 8 November 2022, anyone who buys a new car with a low climate impact will no longer receive a bonus payment. However, this adjustment was outside the budget bill.

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