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This is how motorists have changed their habits - to save money

21 märts, 2023

When the economy falters, while fuel prices are still noticeably high, four out of ten motorists are forced to let the car roll less. Some have even chosen to switch to a cheaper car, to bring the cost down.

4 out of 10 leave the car standing

Through a Sifo survey, we took the pulse of the Swedes to hear how they adapted their driving habits to the economic situation. By far the most common measure is for the respondents to drive less (29%). But there are those who have resorted to more drastic methods to get by on a smaller budget. 8 percent have switched to a cheaper car, or plan to do so. A further 4 percent have drawn on the workshop visits.

- The cost of owning a car has increased and when everything else also rises in price, many are forced to make tough priorities. It is not only high fuel prices that have made the car more expensive. Rampant interest rates hit car loans and leasing fees hard, says Daniel Odsberg, Kvdbil sales manager. However, he does not think that skimping on the service should be done. It only risks making it more expensive later on.

- The best way to lower the cost of the car is to switch to a cheaper model with lower mileage and to reduce fuel consumption, by planning the journey and driving more economically. Carpooling with others is also an excellent way to save miles, if you have the opportunity, he says.

Electric car owners fare best

Low-income earners are more affected by the new situation. In the income range SEK 20,000-24,999, as many as one in two (49%) state that they have made one or more changes in their car finances, compared to one in four high earners (27%). Small differences are visible between different types of fuel, but there is one exception – the use of the car. While every third petrol or diesel car owner has cut back on driving, only one in eight electric drivers has done the same.

- Electric car owners are the big winners. Despite the winter's electricity price shock, the operating cost of an electric car is still clearly lower than that of a petrol and diesel car. This means that electric car owners do not have to think as much about their driving habits, says Daniel Odsberg.

About the survey
The survey was conducted in Kantar Sifo's web panel during the period 12–16 January 2023. A total of 1,020 car owners aged 18–79 were interviewed, of which 1,020 are people who have access to a car. The web panel is nationally representative recruited based on random selection. There is no self-recruitment in Kantar Sifo's web panel.

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