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The cars Swedes want to own before they die

23 sierpnia, 2023

The car that most Swedes dream of is, perhaps somewhat unexpectedly, an electric luxury car that has barely been on the road for two years.

Most of us have a very specific car in mind when we are faced with the question "Which car would you most like to own before you die?" When Kvdbil together with Sifo asked 1000 Swedes exactly this, the answer was: Polestar 2. The electric car from the Swedish car brand has sailed to the top, ahead of the rival, and the low-odds, Tesla Model 3.

Did we hear premium?

In second place we find the Tesla Model 3 , followed by the Porsche 911 , Shelby Mustang and Koenigsegg CC. Ideal premium cars, in other words!

- It's just to congratulate Polestar. As a newcomer, being number one on Swedish car buyers' bucket list is absolutely fantastic. Congratulations also to Tesla, which reaches almost as high popularity in the survey. That we have two electric cars at the top is unexpected, but also fun. It confirms that our preferences are changing in the right direction and at a fast pace, says Daniel Odsberg, sales manager at Kvdbil.

Difference depending on gender, age and location

Are women more inclined to electric cars than men? Yes, at least if we look at the list of dream cars. The women's absolute favorite is the Tesla Model 3. At the top of the men's list is the Porsche 91. For both, the Polestar 2 ranks a strong second place.

Looking at all respondents aged 18-34, the Polestar 2 is the car that ranks highest. For the slightly older guard, the 56-79-year-olds, it is the classic Jaguar E-type that most people dream of. In the four Norrland counties, all the top cars end up outside the podium. Here, instead, it's icons like the Chevrolet Corvette , Shelby Mustang and Volvo Amazon that you most want to own before you die.

Top 10: The cars Swedes would most like to own

1. Polish 2

2. Tesla Model 3

3. Porsche 911

4. Shelby Mustang

5. Koenigsegg CC

6. Mercedes Benz G-Class

7. Tesla Roadster

8. Jaguar E-Type

9. BMW M5

10. Porsche Taycan

About the survey
The survey was conducted in Kantar Sifo's web panel during the period 27-30 August 2021. A total of 1054 people aged 18-79 were interviewed. The web panel is nationally representative recruited based on random selection. There is no self-recruitment in Sifo's web panel.

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