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Road trip in Scania - from Mölle to Österlen

2 kesäkuu, 2022

The southernmost parts of our elongated country are something very special during the summer months. But Skåne is not only beautiful, but also very large. So where do you start if you want to discover Skåne by car? Here, we've picked out the best gems you just can't miss when you go on a road trip this summer!

Mölle and Kullaberg

In northwestern Scania you will find the popular Mölle, at the far end of the Kulla Peninsula. And Ruta Vitesson lives in the corners with her family, which is precisely why we asked her to give us her best local tips. Are you looking for excursion destinations that suit both adults and children? Perfect!

Coffee at Flickorna Lundgren on the sker

Flickorna Lundgren på skäret is a very well-known cafe for a reason. With a distinction in the White Guide and the comment "world-class coffee" from Ruta, it is a well-recommended visit this summer.

Cozy and leafy environments around the cafe. Photo: Ruta Vitesson.

Quench your thirst at Kullamust brewery

You can easily get to the village of Mjöhult by driving along Jonstorpsvägen, between Helsingborg and Jonstorp. Here is the Kullamust brewery , where apple cider has been brewed since the end of the 20th century.

Kullamust offers good sandwiches and even better must. Photo: Ruta Vitesson.

Farhult beach

Ruta also suggests Farhult beach, also called Farhultsbaden, in Höganäs. A place that, in addition to astonishing views and white beaches, also gives the youngest of the family plenty of room for play and mischief.

It is easy for the children to have fun at Farhult beach. Photo: Ruta Vitesson.


We move on to the other side of Skåne and visit Österlen. Here, the comfort factor is extra high for those who love food. What should not be missed here? Kajsa Svensson gives us her best tips!

Eat fantastic Crêpes at Franskans

Is your stomach rumbling? Stop by and enjoy French flavors at Franskan's crêperie created with local Scanian ingredients.

Take a quick visit to France at Franskans crêperie and to Italy with pizza at Örum119. Photo: Kajsa Svensson.

Eat, live and shop at Örum119

Örum119 in Löderup is a destination that offers everything from its well-known, wood-fired pizzas to a farm hotel, bakery and cozy shop for those with green fingers.

Buy green with you from Gröna butiken

Between Simrishamn and Österlen you will find Orelund and Gröna butiken . Here you can buy both their home-grown goods and from local farmers. Which vegetables, fruits and berries are available depends on what is harvested at that particular time.

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