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Road trip in Norrland - sights you must not miss

30 maaliskuu, 2023

Keen to discover Norrland this summer? Completely understandable. But if it's the first time you're driving the car north, it can be difficult to know which area to start discovering. That's why we enlisted the help of a local expert!

Discover the Wilderness Road

That Sweden is large is especially noticeable in the northern parts. If you need tips on attractions to drive to this summer, we recommend that you go to Västernorrland, and more specifically Vildmarksvägen. With its 50 kilometres, it stretches from northern Jämtland to southern Lapland and offers wide views, flowing rapids and majestic mountains.

When does Vildmarkdsvägen open?

Because no, the whole road isn't actually open all year round. The stretch over Stekenjokk is open between June 6 and October 15.

Places to stop along the way

We enlisted the help of local resident Emelie Åström who gave us their best tips on places you just have to stop at along the way. She compares driving along Vildmarksvägen to mountain hiking on wheels. It certainly doesn't sound wrong, we think!

Staircase rapids

Just south of Saxnäs, in Lapland, you will find this impressive rapids. Here, nature itself has created a roaring staircase several hundred meters long. Next to the rapids there are plenty of parking spaces and during the summer season also a cafe and toilets.

Crystal clear water in Trappstegforsen

Mars slide

A few miles from the Norwegian border is Marsliden, at the foot of Marsfjället. The village, which today has around 30 inhabitants, became widely known through the writer Bernhard Nordh's Nybyggarna . Did you know that: You can actually visit a copy of Pålsson's cabin from Nordh's books in the village!

Steak jock

Stekenjokksplattån is considered by many to be one of the most astonishing parts of the Vildmarksvägen. Here, the snow can be several meters high, even in June, which makes for a magnificent experience.

All photos are taken by Emelie Åström

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