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  • Pack the car correctly for the driving holiday - this is how you do it

Pack the car correctly for the driving holiday - this is how you do it

27 września, 2022

Was the garage closed properly, did we get the sack lunch with us and did someone throw out the rubbish? Yes, of course there is a lot more to think about than the car itself when it's time to go on a car holiday. Therefore, we have collected some tips on how to pack the car correctly and smartly before the trip.

If you have previously gone on a car holiday by car, you are probably familiar with the fact that - yes, there is usually more packing than expected. The art of "packing correctly" becomes especially important when you drive a car that is loaded more heavily than you might be used to.

5 tips when packing the car for the driving holiday

  • Pack heavy items at the bottom and center of the trunk, and try to use the entire space before piling on top. This is to pack as stable as possible.

  • If you own a station wagon, make sure to have a grate/guard installed between the luggage and the passenger compartment to prevent packing flying into the passenger compartment during any sudden braking.

  • Try to minimize the number of loose items inside the passenger compartment.

  • If you are going to have a roof box, check the car's owner's manual so that the car roof can handle the roof box and also check the maximum weight of the roof box itself so that you do not pack too much.

  • Pack the roof box with the heaviest contents in the middle, just like in the trunk, for increased stability. Fill in with lighter things along the sides so that the contents stay in place when you drive.

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