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We list: Most common mistakes when buying a used car

4 oktoober, 2020

When Swedes buy a used car, only one in five checks whether the seller is the one who owns the vehicle. Even fewer say they check financial status, such as loans and taxes.

Anyone who buys a car from a private person can very well make a successful car deal. But there are pitfalls and some mistakes can become an expensive story down the road.

As for the Consumer Purchase Act?

If you buy instead from a car dealer, there is usually not the same opportunity for ch. On the other hand, the car is checked and tested by a technician, with accompanying documentation. Car purchases between private individuals are also not covered by the Consumer Purchase Act, so it is not possible to come and complain about errors afterwards if the errors could have been discovered during an investigation. If the car is bought by a dealer, the Consumer Purchase Act applies, which includes the right to complain.

The most common things that are missed

There are many who do not do their homework. When we had Sifo ask the Swedes what they researched in connection with the purchase of their latest used car, many had missed a number of details.

The most common mistake was not checking the fluid levels, even though it is something that can lead to serious damage to the engine and other components. Only 9 percent stated that they checked this.

Second most common was not checking if the car has a loan (12%) and third most common if the car is assessed (18%). Furthermore, just over one in five answered that they had checked who owned the car (21%) and about the same number had bothered to check the brakes (22%).

-There are many pitfalls to fall into, so it is surprising that more people are not careful. It should be a matter of course to check whether the car is inspected, mortgaged, taxed and who is the owner. If you are the least bit unsure about the purchase, I recommend that you take help from someone who knows cars or turn to a car dealer, says Daniel Odsberg, sales manager Kvdbil

At Kvdbil, we test all cars, exterior and interior, and test drive the car. That way, you always know the car's exact condition before you buy and you avoid unpleasant surprises and unforeseen costs.

This checks most

What is easiest to check is also what most people look at. We Swedes are good at examining the tyres, the service book and any paint damage.

The last time you bought a used car, what research did you do?

-Totalt Man Kvinna
Vätskenivåer för att se t.ex. oljeläckage9%13%6%
Om bilen hade lån12%16%8%
Om bilen var skattad18%20%16%
Tog reda på om priset var rätt genom en bilvärderingssida 19%20%19%
Testade alla funktioner från ljudanläggning till vindrutetorkare och fläktar 20%25%16%
Tog reda på vem som var ägare av bilen genom ägarbeviset21%23%19%
Lukt i kupén23%26%20%
Interiör besiktning28%32%24%
Exteriören (lack etc.)29%32%25%
Däcken och vinterdäcken/sommardäcken32%35%28%
Provkörde bilen51%56%46%
Har aldrig köpt en begagnad bil28%23%33%
Bas1 033523510

About the survey
The survey was conducted in Kantar Sifo's web panel during the period 3–6 September 2020. A total of 1033 people aged 18-79 were interviewed. The web panel is nationally representative recruited based on random selection. There is no self-recruitment in Sifo's web panel.

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