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First car? Keep this in mind when buying your first car

4 kwietnia, 2024

Time to buy your first car? Cool! Here's our best car buying guide with everything you need to know.

For many, the housing transaction is the biggest transaction we make in life, followed by the car purchase. If you are buying a car for the first time, it will probably feel a little extra edgy. But take it easy. We take you through the decision, step by step.

Step 1. Think through your needs

Which car is right depends of course on who you are and what you expect from a car. For some, brand, design and color are important, but the vast majority prioritize functionality and practicality. For example: If you drive many miles on a daily basis but have few charging options, perhaps a small petrol or diesel car with low fuel consumption suits you best. However, if you have the opportunity to charge at home, at work or elsewhere, perhaps you should invest in a rechargeable car. Remember that the car must meet the needs that you actually have in everyday life, not in extreme cases. In this way, you will not only keep costs down, but also reduce your burden on the climate.

Step 2. Set a budget

Before you start looking at different car models, it is important to make a budget, so that you are sure that the car purchase really fits in your finances. Keep in mind that in addition to the purchase cost, there are ongoing costs for tax, fuel, insurance, maintenance and repairs. Also, don't miss the hidden cost of depreciation. This is especially important if you are buying a brand new car because a car's value drops most in the first few years.

Step 3. Buy from a private person or car dealer/car broker

Once you have decided which car to buy, the next decision is where to buy it from. When you buy a car from a car dealer, the Consumer Purchase Act applies. If the car is not in the condition stated in the agreement or in the car's documents, you can complain about the purchase. If, on the other hand, you buy the car directly from a private person, the Purchase Act applies instead, which provides less protection. The fact that many car dealers are affiliated to industry organizations that place quality requirements on their member companies is also something that many see as security. It is also not unusual for car dealers to provide, or be able to offer, guarantees. Another advantage is that you can get help with financing. A common arrangement with car loans is that you pay 20 percent of the total value as a cash deposit and borrow the remaining 80 percent. An alternative to buying your car and financing with a car loan is private leasing.

Step 4. Check and test drive the car

So you have found a car that you want to buy? Lovely! But before you sign the papers, it's a good idea to check and test drive the car. If you buy from a trader, it is possible that he has already done this, then look in the documentation from that control. Checking the car is something you should always get into the habit of as a car buyer, regardless of whether you buy from a private person or a car dealer. How Kvdbil's vehicle technicians test drive and test the cars at over 170 points can be found here .

Step 5. Write on the papers

Now only formalities remain before you can title yourself a car owner. A purchase contract must be signed and the car must be registered to you, then it's done. If you go to a car dealer/broker, contract writing and change of ownership are something you usually get help with (e.g. at Kvdbil we take care of all the paperwork for you). But if you buy from a private person, an agreement needs to be written about what applies to your particular car business.

Step 6. Insure the car

Before you get behind the wheel of your new car, make sure the car is insured. You must at least have traffic insurance, that's what the traffic damage law says. Traffic insurance compensates for personal injuries and property damage that you cause with your car (e.g. if you drive into another vehicle or into a fence). Half insurance provides slightly stronger protection. In addition to traffic insurance, it also includes theft, fire, glass, all-risk, machine, rescue and legal protection insurance. But if you also want to be protected against damage that occurs to your car where you yourself were at fault, you need comprehensive insurance. Full insurance consists of both half insurance and carriage damage insurance. When you buy a car from us, it always includes 14 days of Kvdbil Försäkring , which we developed in collaboration with Söderberg & Partners. In this way, you are safe from the very first trip.

Good luck with your car purchase and drive carefully!

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