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Changing a car - we guide you to the car change

1 maaliskuu, 2022

You often remember your first car a little extra. Becoming a car owner actually feels special. But then needs or preferences change and you end up with the decision to change cars. What should you think about when changing cars? We guide you through the process.

On average, in Sweden we choose to change cars every three years. In many cases, it is about the need changing, but the seasoned car owner also makes the choice to change the car because they are aware of the car's depreciation. Because of course it can pay to change before the car has gone too far or become too old, depending on what you want to change for a car of course.

Change car – for what?

What is important when you trade in your car is that you carefully think through which qualities and characteristics you see that your new car needs to have. Ask yourself the question: Why are you changing your car? Is it too small, too expensive, consumes too much fuel, not adapted to your new needs, etc. And what type of car do you want to change to? Should you change to the same model, another brand or perhaps a car that runs on electricity instead of diesel or petrol? Of course, we at Kvdbil can help you make these decisions, for example our car guide can be helpful on the way to what type of car you should switch to.

How do you want to change your car?

Changing cars can mean trading in your current car for a new one. Trading in your car means that you sell and buy to the same company, you can next see it as paying for your car purchase in whole or in part through a car sale. But if you find a car you want to buy at a car dealer that doesn't accept trade-ins for your old car, it could be because that brand isn't sold in that particular garage, for example, you can change your car by selling it with us at Kvdbil. We sell all car brands and car models, and our many years of experience and broad customer group contribute to you getting the right price for your car.

We will exchange your car

With us at Kvdbil, you can choose to trade in your car by buying a car and then choosing to sell your old one. If you want to pick up your new one at the same time as dropping off your old car at one of our facilities, that is of course fine, or why not do it at home in the garage driveway? We give you who are changing cars the opportunity to both have your old car picked up and your new car delivered right to your door.

Trade in a car with a loan, is it possible?

The vast majority choose to take out a car loan to finance a car purchase. And when you then want to change the car, the loan may not be fully paid. Is it then possible to trade in a car with a loan? Oh well. The only thing you need to do is notify the remaining debt at the car sale when you are going to change the car, when the car is sold, the remaining debt is then paid to the bank and you can use the remaining amount as a down payment for your new car.

Is it possible to trade in a car with a fault?

Of course, it happens that faults appear on cars. It can be anything from a stone chip, a dented rear-view mirror or a door opening, to larger scratches, defects and malfunctions. Can you trade in a car that has faults or defects? Absolutely. But you can of course expect that these faults lower the car's value to some extent. If you want to know what you can get for your car before you change, take a look here

Checklist: Trade in your car - this is what you should think about

  • Think through your needs, why do you want to change cars and for what?

  • Make a budget. What can you afford to trade for? Remember not only to look at the purchase price of your new car when you change cars, but also to count on the car's insurance, vehicle tax, fuel costs, etc.

  • Review the options. It may feel convenient to drop off your old car and pick up your new car at the same time when you're changing cars, but don't let convenience trump getting the right payment for the car. Make sure you know the car's value before entering into a negotiation about the selling price of the car you are trading in.

Do you want to sell your car?

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