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The KVD Group includes Sweden's biggest valuation website bilpriser.se, where we offer companies and consumers online and manual car valuations. Through Bilpriser you can be sure that the valuation of the car is correct, reliable and up to date. This is because we value the car based on the model’s unique value trend curve and also take into account statistics and current sales prices.

    Valuation services

Valuation certificate and manual car valuations

If an official car or corporate car is to change owner and will not be sold on the open market, the car needs to be valued and have a certificate issued for its worth. This is because the sale of the car needs to be properly handled from a legal and taxation perspective.

For those wanting to buy a company or fringe benefit car from their employer, we offer a valuation with a manual report: Bilpriser Certificate. The valuation of the car is then performed by an official valuer assigned by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a certificate is produced indicating the value of the car. The certificate guarantees an accurate valuation in terms of legal taxation.

In addition to the actual valuation of the car, we can also help the company selling the car with all the administration pertaining to the sale. This makes it easier for the company and for the employee. Bilpriser also performs inspections and valuations in the event of disputes and insurance cases.

  • Valuation performed by an assigned official valuer

  • Sound valuation in terms of legalities and taxation

  • We handle all administration involved in the sale

More information about manual valuations

Valuation of your car direct through your registration number

We take for granted that all car owners should be able to know what their car is worth today and in the future. Therefore you are able to value your car online via bilpriser.se , at no cost. The valuation is based on the car’s registration number and the mileage you enter. Bilpriser is Sweden’s most used tool for car valuation with over 18 million valuations per year, and our website bilpriser.se has over 200,000 visitors every month.

Our car valuations utilise our database where more than 15,000 different car models and 200,000 model versions are registered. All car models have unique value trend curves and certain equipment affects what your car is worth. When calculating the value of a used car, we use statistics, forecasts and current sales statistics from kvdbil.se and bytbil.se. In this way we can ensure that our car valuations are accurate. When new car models are launched, these are entered manually in the database so that our customers and visitors can also get a free valuation of this model.

  • Sweden’s most used car valuation tool

  • 18 million valued cars each year

  • A free-of-charge service

  • 200 000 visitors every month

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