As secure as buying new is Sweden's biggest marketplace for used cars. Every year, we sell more than
27,000 cars, in hundreds of models and from more than 60 car brands. With us, you can find the car that suits your needs!

How it works

Auction means market price

All cars on are sold at auction and you can see clearly how many people take part in the bidding and what they bid. It is an assurance for the buyer to know that, using our marketplace, you never pay more than SEK 500 than someone else is willing to pay for the car. As a bidder you are anonymous and place bids under a pseudonym, such as Bidder 1, Bidder 2 or Bidder 3. In order to place bids you need to register as a user.

When you place your bid you can choose to bid SEK 500 more than the car’s current highest bid or place a so-called maximum bid. A maximum bid means that you indicate the maximum price you want to pay for the car and allow the bidding to increase gradually by SEK 500 at a time if some other bidder chooses to take part in the auction.

Each auction has a date and time when the auction ends. The time can be found in the car's advertisement. If a bid was to be placed just before the auction end, the auction will be extended by a further 3 minutes and 30 seconds. It is only when no new bids are placed for 3 minutes and 30 seconds during countdown that the auction ends.

A tested car is a safe car

All cars on have undergone our thorough KVD test, where professional vehicle technicians examine and test drive the car. The results of the test are then published in the car’s advertisement. We neither omit nor withhold information about the car’s condition. Instead, all damage is documented with text and photographs, which means that you as the buyer do not have to account for unforeseen costs; you know exactly what car you are buying.

Our business concept is based on the car being so clearly and objectively described that you do not need to see the car on site to get a complete picture. If you still wish to do so, please contact out customer service centre and book a time for this. In the unlikely event that the description should not match up when you come to collect your newly purchased car, you always have the right to cancel the purchase.
Read more about how we test the cars here.

Safety on the road

When you buy a car through us, the Swedish Consumer Sales Act applies, and you have the right to claim compensation on the car if hidden defects present after the sale. Naturally, we will also help you with arranging a favourable car loan, insurance and warranty for the car. Contact our customer service centre and we will go through the offers specifically suited to you.

Collect your new car

If you submitted the highest bid when the auction ended, you have won the bidding process and you will receive an e-mail from us at Kvdcars to confirm this. Almost all cars sold through us have a so-called reserve price which corresponds to the minimum sum that the seller wants for the car on sale. Whether or not the reserve price is reached is indicated in the car’s bidding history which is displayed on as well as in the e-mail sent to you when the auction ends. If the reserve price has not been reached, the seller has to first approve the price before the deal is completed. If the reserve price is reached you will be contacted by Kvdcars to book a time for you to collect your new car. Pick up need to be made within three business days and booking is made via our customer service. If the car is located at a facility far away from you, we can of course help with transporting the car to a Kvdcar facility closer to you.

When you collect the car, you must make sure that the description of the car is correct and that the car meets your expectations with reference to the description in the car’s advertisement.

Secure payment

Kvdbil functions as an intermediary during payment and the money is transferred to our client account before we transfer the sum to the seller. In this way the payment process is simple and safe, both for you as the buyer and for the person selling the car.

The payment for the car is made prior to collecting the car through a personal payment link received by contacting our customer service centre. You can choose to pay through a bank transfer or via Swish for up to SEK 150 000.

You can also pay when receiving the keys, if you wish. You can pay by bank card, Swish or bank transfer, with some local variations*. For more information about which payment options apply to each facility, you find it here.

At Kvdbil we do not accept cash or credit cards. It is not possible to pay using credit cards, foreign cards, company cards, cash, postal orders or cheques.

*At our facilities in Linköping, Luleå, Sundsvall, Umeå, Visby, Växjö, Östersund, Halmstad, Bromölla, Jönköping and Eskilstuna only bank tranfer and Swish is an available payment method, nor credit.

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