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Here are the municipalities with the most rechargeable cars

21 marca, 2023

The proportion of electric cars and plug-in hybrids differs greatly, depending on where in the country we are. In our most charged municipality, Danderyd, every third car is chargeable, while the least charged municipality, Sorsele, only has six chargeable cars – in the entire municipality.

In Sweden, there are approximately 420,000 registered electric cars and plug-in hybrids. This corresponds to 8 percent of the total number of cars in traffic. The highest percentage can be found in the municipality of Danderyd - here just over every third car can be charged. When we made a similar comparison in 2020, Solna municipality came out on top - but then with a significantly lower percentage of every fourth car that was rechargeable.

Solna is currently in second place (30.3%) and is followed by Nacka (23.0%), Sollentuna (21.4%) and Stockholm (21.1%). In sixth place we find Lund, which is the first municipality on the list that is not located in the capital area. In Lund, every fifth car can be charged. Behind it we also find the municipality of Mölndal in Västra Götaland.

- While we see more and more rechargeable cars on the roads, there are big differences in the country. Even though the prices of electric cars have come down, you still have to pay more than for an equivalent petrol or diesel car. That prosperous Danderyd ranks at the top is no coincidence, says Daniel Odsberg, sales manager Kvdbil.

Less charged to the north

In Sorsele municipality in Västerbotten there are only six rechargeable cars. This corresponds to 0.4 percent of the entire car fleet and is the lowest in the country. This is followed by the neighboring municipalities of Dorotea and Malå and Arvidsjaur in Norrbotten County.

- Sorsele has long been a white spot on the charging map, so I'm not surprised. In the last year, however, the municipality has invested heavily in developing the charging infrastructure and this is what is required for us to have a green transition. Conditions must be created throughout the country, it should not matter if you live in a city or in a sparsely populated area, says Daniel Oldsberg.

The connection with many company cars

Many rechargeable cars are company cars and utility cars owned by companies. In municipalities where a large number of cars are owned by companies, the percentage of rechargeable cars is usually higher. This applies to, for example, Nacka, Stockholm and Solna, but also Mölndal. Lund, on the other hand, has relatively few company cars. That makes the municipality extra interesting, thinks Daniel Odsberg.

- There is no simple answer as to why Lunda residents drive more climate smartly, but the city was early on in expanding the charging infrastructure and for a long time it was possible to charge for free. The fact that Lund is a university city and a center for research and innovation probably also has an effect. The people of Lunda probably have a closer relationship to technology and sustainability than the average Swede, says Odsberg.

Highest percentage of chargeable cars:

  1. Danderyd municipality (34.1%)

  2. Solna municipality (30.3%)

  3. Nacka municipality (23.0%)

  4. Sollentuna municipality (21.4%)

  5. City of Stockholm (21.1%)

  6. Lund municipality (20.7%)

  7. Mölndal municipality (16.9%)

Lowest percentage of rechargeable cars

  1. Sorsele municipality (0.4%)

  2. Dorothea (0.6%)

  3. Malå (1.0%)

  4. Arvidsjaur (1.1%)

  5. Strömsund (1.1%)

  6. Vilhelmina (1.1%)

  7. Pajala (1.2%)

About the compilation
Kvdbil's statistics on car volumes in Sweden are taken from statistics company Vroom's compilation of registration data.

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