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What happens now?

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    Submit your car to sell it

    Submit the car to us at Kvdcars or one of our agents. You book the time for delivery that suits you best.

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    We test and wash your car

    We wash and clean you car before sale. Our vehicle technicians also test it on 170 points.

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    The auction runs for 4-6 days and has a specified closing time. During the auction time, interested buyers are able to view and test drive the car at the facility where it is located.

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    Pictures and advertisement

    We photograph the car and create a thorough description, after which we advertise it on kvdbil.se and kvdcars.com. Your car is then advertised on blocket.se and wayke.se, among other sites

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    The new owner pick up the car

    After an auction closes, we at Kvdcars handle all the paperwork and deliver the car to its new owner. We also take care of any compensation claims.

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    The money in your account

    The winning bidder pays for the car by depositing the money in our client account. When the car is collected, the money is transferred directly to your account.