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What happens now?

  • Leave the car to us at Kvdcars

    Deliver the car to one of our facilities or let us transport the car for you. You personally book a time for delivery. If you want the car collected, contact our Customer Centre at +46 (0)10-167 30 00.

  • Vehicle test

    Our vehicle technicians are testing the car at more than 170 points

  • Auction

    The auction runs for 4-6 days and has a specified closing time. If you have choosen to sell the car for a fixed price, the sale can go faster than that. During the auction time, interested buyers are able to view the car at the facility where it is located.

  • Pictures and advertisement

    We photograph the car and describe it in details before we publish it on and The car is also advertised on several marketplaces such as and

  • The new owner collects the car

    After the auction, we take care of all paperwork and deliver the car to its new owner. We also take care of any complaints.

  • Payment on your bank account

    The winning bidder pays for the car by depositing the money in our client account. When the car is collected, the money is transferred directly to your account.