We sell the car so you have time for other things

We feel that selling a car should be simple and secure. We therefore take care of the entire deal for you so that you can devote your time to other things. We wash, clean and test the car before sale, perform a valuation and handle the advertising and marketing, and also see to it that interested parties can take it for a test drive. When the auction is over, we then handle the transfer of ownership, ensure that the money ends up in your account and manage all administration. In the unlikely event that problems should arise after the sale, the customer is to contact us at Kvdcars.

Register a form of interest makes no commitment

If you are interested in selling your car, you can register your interest with us. It is free of charge and not legally binding. The more information you provide regarding your car, the better and more accurate the valuation and estimated auction price will be. Please remember to fill in helpful information about features such as a tow bar, and indicate the gearbox or other options. Based on the information, we will give you an estimated sales price for the car.

You choose the minimum sales price

We sell more than 26,000 cars every year and our estimated auction price for your car is based on our own statistics along with information from our valuation company Bilpriser. The minimum sales price for your car is what we call a reservation price, and this sum is decided by you as the seller in consultation with us. Your car is sold at auction, which means that no one will haggle for your car. Instead, those willing to pay most will buy it.

We handle the entire sale

Before the car is put up for sale on kvdbil.se, the car is tested and the documentation of the test results forms the basis for the car’s description. In this way, the prospective customer knows exactly what condition the car is in and does not have to account for unforeseen costs. This means that you as the seller get a better price for your car. After the test, the car is washed and cleaned before being photographed and put up for sale on kvdbil.se. This all happens at one of our nation-wide facilities in the country and you personally book a convenient time for dropping off your car under My Pages. If you live in Stockholm or Göteborg, there is also the option of turning over the car to a car dropoff partner.

When the car is published on kvdbil.se, it is advertised on several trading websites such as blocket.se, bytbil.com and wayke.se. On average, each car on kvdbil.se gets 250 visitors and twelve bidders. After the auction ends we contact the customer, arrange change of ownership and ensure that you receive the money in your account. If problems would arise after sale, the customer is to contact us at Kvdcars.

Better price and no hidden fees

The idea with our service is that you get a better price for your car than through other avenues of sale. When the car is sold, we take a commission based on your sales price. The commission, which is a minimum of SEK 6,595 for consumers, includes all the services described above: washing, testing, evaluation, advertising, sale via auction and handling of any compensation claims.

Our commission costs look like this:

  • If the car sells for less than SEK 100,000, the commission is 10% of the sales price, but not less than SEK 6,595 and not more than SEK 9,999.
  • If the car sells for between SEK 100,000 and SEK 499,999, the commission is 5% of the sales price, but not less than SEK 10,000 and not more than SEK 15,000.
  • For cars with a sales price of over SEK 500,000, there is a fixed commission of SEK 20,000.