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Home delivery for your new, used car

Did you know that you can test drive your new car at home, when choosing home delivery? We will drive your new, used car all the way home to you. That way you can test drive at home.

Here's to take part of the offer:

  • Find your new, used car* on kvdcars.com

  • Buy the car through bidding or for a fixed price, for a minimum of SEK 50 000

  • Kvdcars's customer center will contact you and provide you with all the information you need regarding payment of your car and delivery to the place that suits you

  • We deliver your car to the address you chose

  • Enjoy your first ride in your new car - knowing that you just made a smooth and safe car purchase

Do we offer home delivery where you live?

We are able to offer home delivery to those who live in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo and their surrounding suburbs. Down below you will find a chart where we have listed postcodes, delivery zones and their prices. When we calculate what zone applies to you, we look at how close your chosen address is to our nearest Kvdcars facility - since the facilty is our starting point when we de iver your new car.

Have you bought a car that's located at another one of our facilities around Sweden? No problem, we also offer transport between our different facilities. Read more on transportation between Kvdcar facilities here.

Please look for the first two numbers in your postcode down below to see if we can deliver to you, what it would cost and from what facilty is closest to you.


Postcode's first two numbers From facility Zone Price
10-19 Åkersberga/Södertälje 1 SEK 495
61, 63, 72, 75 Åkersberga/Södertälje 2 SEK 995


Postcode's first two numbers From facility Zone Price
40-44 Kungälv 1 SEK 495 kr
31, 451, 46, 50, 51 Kungälv 2 SEK 995


Postcode's first two numbers From facility Zone Price
21, 22 Svedala 1 SEK 495
23-29 Svedala 2 SEK 995

Do you have any questions?

If you are wondering about buying a home delivery car, do not hesitate to contact us. Contact us at customercare@kvdcars.se or on +4610-167 30 00.


** Delivery home is avaliable on cars to be delivered in Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmo in Sweden during weekdays. This doesn't apply for cars with batteries on leasing or if you choose to finance the car on your own. As a private individual you have 14 days to cancel your car purchase and if you wish to return the car you can do so to the amount of SEK 1 9995. In the event of a return, the car may have been driven a maximum of 10 km from the time you received the car and miles driven in addition to these will be charged at SEK 40 / km. If the car at the time of return is not in the same condition, or lacks the accessories which it was delivered with, a deduction from the return sum will be made. *

Return Form

Fill in this return form and follow the instructions given in the form. Return Form Home Delivery