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What counts as a complaint?

The defect must have been on the car at the time of purchase or earlier in order to be considered a complaint.

According to the Consumer Purchase Act, you have the right to invoke original defects up to three years after you have received the car. If an error is discovered within 24 months, it is we at Kvdcars who have the burden of proof for this, ie to show whether it is an original error or not. If we can show that it is not an original error, the error is not our responsibility to remedy

If there is a fault in the vehicle that is not noted on the object description and cannot be counted as normal wear and tear of a used car, then there is a basis for complaining about the fault to Kvdcars. In order for the defect to be reported, it must deviate significantly from the condition that the buyer can expect, taking into account the car's age and meter reading.

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