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Used tractor units for sale

Here you will find all used tractor units for sale by online auction on kvd.se. It is easy to take part in the bidding and purchase your next tractor unit today. In the item description you find relevant information about the object as well as its location.

If you don't find a vehicle that suits you at the moment, you can create a reminder. The only thing you need to do is press the button "Create a reminder" after you have done your search. We will then contact you via email when a vehicle that matches your criterias has been published on Kvd.se.

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How to buy a used tractor unit for sale at Kvdbil

You have to be a member of Kvdbil to participate in an auction or buy at a fixed price. We regularly put up new items on auction and offer fixed-price sales on selected items. Be aware that not all tractor units for sale at Kvdpro can be exported. Some objects are only sold within the borders of Sweden, while others are only sold for export. The specific details about this can be found in each respective object description.

Buying a tractor unit from Sweden within the EU/EEA

Once you find your used tractor unit for sale, it's time to buy it. As we have mentioned above, there are two different buying options - auction and fixed price sale. Some vehicles have a fixed price, so these can be bought directly. The tractor units that do not have a fixed price can only be bought via auction. If you are purchasing a vehicle and live outside of Sweden, there are a few things you need to do in order to get a VAT free purchase. Our delivery department can help you with the export if needed.