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How you buy heavy machinery, trucks and recreational vehicles through us

Excavators, dumpers, tractors, caravans and trailers. Well, that's only a few type och heavy vehicles that you can buy at kvdcars.com. Here we have gathered the most important to know, when you are interested in buying heavy stuff through us.

Today, you can buy heavy machinery, trucks and recreational vehicles when you have a company account at kvdcars.com. This applies to both corporate customers and sole proprietorships. No company account yet? Create one simply here.

Wide selection of used cars

Kvdcars is one of Sweden's largest marketplaces for used vehicles. In addition to heavy machinery, trucks and recreational vehicles, we also sell cars and light trucks. In our filter, you can set what you are looking for. If it's not available right now, you can set up a saved search. Then we'll contact you when something is matching your search.


Documentation means that Kvdcars has documented the vehicle's status and describes it using a standardised documentation protocol. The protocol has been developed by Kvdcars with a certain number of points that are adapted to each type of vehicle. Documentation can either be carried out at one of Kvdcars' facilities or out on site at the selling customer's premises, but is only offered for lheavy machinery and trucks, and recreational vehicles.

On-site sale or at a Kvdcars facility

The seller has the option to transport the vehicle to a Kvdcars facility or to sell the vehicle from its current location, which is typically at the seller's place. This is referred to as on-site sale. If you win the bidding or purchase a vehicle at a fixed price that is located at the seller's place, after completing the purchase, you will receive the contact details and address of the seller to arrange an appointment for pick up.


If the vehicle is leaving Sweden, there are a few things to consider. In the vehicle description at kvdcars.com you can see if a vehicle is open for export or not. In some cases, the vehicle is only open for export. Before exporting, you must for example ensure that the vehicle has an approved inspection valid for the next three months. Our delivery department will assist you with the export. Read more about the requirements for export here.


Kvdcars cooperates with a number of transport suppliers and offers our corporate customers help in booking transport within Sweden when purchasing a vehicle. Contact our Customer Service Centre at +4610-167 30 00 to get help.


Are you in need of financing the car? We can help you look at different options and can prepare a quote for you. Contact our Customer Service Center and we will tell you more about it.

Duty of inspection for the buyer

When you collect your vehicle, you as the buyer have a duty of inspection. Below we have summerised some good-to-know information regarding this:

Duty of inspection means that...

  • You are responsible for ensuring that the condition of the vehicle matches its description at kvdcars.com.

  • You have the right to refrain from completing your purchase on the spot if the vehicle significantly differs from the description in the description at kvdcars.com.

  • If you choose to forego the purchase because you find something that you believe does not match the vehicle's description, it is important that you immediately inform us about this. Kvdcars, along with the seller and you as the buyer, need to handle any defects or cancellations before the vehicle leaves the seller's place or a Kvdcars facility. In such case, contact our Customer Center immediately at +4610-167 30 00.

  • If you leave the pickup location with the vehicle, we consider it as an approval of the vehicle's condition. If problems arise after you have collected the vehicle, contact our complaints department at reklamation@kvdbil.se.

For further information on this and the purchase of heavy machinery, trucks and recreational vehicles in general, you can check out our terms and conditions for companies here.

We are here for you!

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us through our Customer Center at 010-167 30 00 or customercare@kvdcars.com. You can also check in our most frequently asked questions and answers about sales here.