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M.A.N TGS28.420

2017/99 376 km/Diesel/Export: Yes
LocationIcon Kumla
IdIcon 7192482
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Closing bid VAT incl.
636 500 SEK
Closing bid excl. VAT
509 200 SEK
Leading bid in eur
56 760 EUR

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21 veebr, 10:30

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M.A.N TGS28.420


Briefly about the vehicle

Inspection approved up to and including 2025-01-31


The prices above are currently only presented incl. VAT.

The object starts at the time of documentation: Yes

Crane - Make: PM28526 SP
Started at the time of documentation: Yes
Capacity/Dimensions: 17000, 18660
Year model: 2016
Crane - Inspected: Yes / Approved
Cargo space:
Leg height 60 cm
Length 548 cm
Width 250 cm
Pattern depth over 5mm: All wheels over 5mm

Used until sale: Yes
Other notes:
Crane tested without load .
Wear damage on hydraulic hoses for the taps on the crane.
Damage, dents on limbs - see pictures.

Rust, abrasions and scratches are present


  • Bygelkoppling / Drag



  • GPS



  • Kran



  • Automat



  • Bladfjädring fram



  • AC

    Luftkonditionering utan möjlighet till automatisk temperaturinställning

    Luftkonditionering utan möjlighet till automatisk temperaturinställning

  • ABS



  • Luftfjädring bak



  • Digital färdskrivare



Vehicle facts

The information comes from the Swedish Transport Agency. Kvdcars is not responsible for any errors.

  • License numberSUB286
  • Model year2017
  • Manufacture month201701
  • Odometer reading99 376 km
  • First date in traffic in Sweden2018-01-10
  • Service historyHittar ej
  • GearboxAutomatic
  • Number of seats0
  • Chassis numberWMA84SZZ1HL073816
  • Max payload11 260 kg
  • Curb weight16 740 kg
  • Tax weight25 000 kg
  • Vehicle total weight28 000 kg
  • Length9,30 m
  • Width2,57 m
  • Height3,80 m
  • Engine effect (diesel)420 hp (309 kW)

Other information

  • Sold in swedenYes
  • ExportableYes
  • Deductible VATYes




Fordonsgatan 7

69271 Kumla

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