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We at Kvdcars help you sell your Toyota C-HR. At our auctions last year we sold over 26,000 cars, some 40 of which were of the Toyota C-HR model. To make it easy and easy to sell your Toyota C-HR, we can at Kvdcars. We take care of everything to sell your Toyota C-HR from taking care of vehicle testing, interior and exterior laundry, marketing, showing to potential buyers, sales, change of ownership, payment of your money and delivery to the car's new owner. Would you rather buy a Toyota C-HR, we at Kvdcars make it easy for you to choose from a large selection of Toyota C-HR as we sell many used copies at our auctions every year.

Toyota C-HR is a crossover that was launched for the 2017 model year and the model name stands for Compact High Rider; a smaller crossover with higher ground clearance than a standard car. Around 2016, Toyota was said to change its strategy to make cars more unique in its design language and C-HR is a very good example of this. Kazuhiko Isawa is the Japanese designer who designed the Toyota C-HR. The car has an astonishing shape with recesses and creases in the body which makes it difficult to miss. The headlights extend far up on the body while the taillights project a good distance from the stern.

In spite of this, the car feels as practical as its competitors with plenty of cargo space, and it also does not become awkward to park in tight spaces, especially with parking warnings. As usual, Toyota maintains a quality of detail where panels and controls feel solid inside the car and one can impartially say that the inside is almost as wild as the exterior purely in terms of design. The Toyota C-HR is available either with a small four-liter turbo engine of 1.2 liters or a hybrid engine of 1.8 liters, the latter of which is most popular in the Swedish market and the one that Toyota is investing in in the north. Both are gasoline powered and the hybrid engine has 98 horsepower without electric drive, the electric motors together generate 72 horsepower.

It is the same powertrain as the well-known environmentally-classified Toyota Prius has - the petrol engine and the generators (two to the number) are mounted with the nickel batteries that supply the generators under the rear seat for the sake of weight distribution. Consumption is 0.36 liters per mile for mixed driving according to the manufacturer's information, but when driving in the city, only draw 0.33 liters per mile thanks to low speeds as the petrol engine does not have to work. Consumption, however, is above that of the sibling Toyota Prius, which only needs 0.3 liters of gasoline per mile for mixed driving, however this is a car with lower ground clearance and therefore lower air resistance.

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